For the record. Documenting violence against trans people. 2015

For the record. Documenting violence against trans people. 2015
Author: TGEU
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Since 2008, Transgender Europe (TGEU) has been a pioneer in research on trans people’s lived experience of violence and crime: its Trans Murder Monitoring (TMM) project has documented 1,518 cases of murdered trans persons around the world over the past five years, including 89 in Europe.

The present publication has been compiled within the framework of the ProTrans project, initiated by TGEU in 2013. This collaborative undertaking has aimed to better protect trans people and their communities in Central, Eastern and South-eastern Europe against violence and impunity. To this end, five trans-rights organisations, including Labrys Kyrgyzstan, have worked with TGEU in a two-year project to increase their capacities in monitoring, victim support and advocacy.

After analysing the results of the joint data collected, TGEU and partners engaged in evidence-informed advocacy to increase public awareness of domestic authorities’ responsibility to provide appropriate responses and to address European stakeholders (policymakers, equality bodies, human-rights NGOs and journalists) in order to make them aware of the systematic maltreatment faced by transgender persons (read more in the “Mobilisation strategies against transphobic violence in ProTrans” chapter). The present publication also forms part of the advocacy efforts undertaken in ProTrans.

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