Photo flashmob #supportLGBTkg

UPDATE: Within a few days of photo flashmob we received almost 250 photos from 21 countries, including - Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Russian Federation, Turkey, Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova, Serbia, Armenia, Indonesia, Kingdom of Tonga, and now South Africa.  This seems that case Kyrgyzstan, that the whole world is looking at you! 

All photos are posted here.

Please, keep this up #supportLGBTkg


Support LGBTIQ communities and LGBTIQ activists of Kyrgyzstan in their fight against the homophobic bill.
Take part in a flashmob!

Goals of the flashmob - attracting attention of national and international communities to discrimination initiatives of the Kyrgyz Parliament.


1) Choose any of the slogans here or think of your own (please do not forget to apply a hashtag #support LGBTkg);
2) Print or draw a poster (please do not forget to apply a hashtag #support LGBTkg);
3) Take a photo with a poster - you can cover your face, if you wish;
4) Post your photo in social media with a hashtag #support LGBTkg, and please send it to us:

Additional information: This bill provides criminal penalty (up to 1 year of imprisoning) for "formation of a positive attitude towards non-traditional forms of sexual relations" and it applies not only to LGBTIQ communities - it limits all citizens of Kyrgyzstan in their right of a freedom of speech, right to freely express their thoughts, right to access information, right to participate in peaceful meetings and create associations.

Interesting links in English:

1) "Kyrgyz appeal for protests against anti-‘gay propaganda’ bill". Sourse:;

2) "Kyrgyz Parliament proposes criminal liability for protection of LGBT people’s rights". Sourse:;

3) "Dispatches: A Shocking Display of Homophobia By Kyrgyz Parliament". Sourse:


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    Chingiz Aitmatov, kyrgyz writer

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