Labrys at the AIDS 2014 conference: stepping up the pace



Activists of LGBTIQA organization "Labrys" are taking part in the International AIDS Conference 2014, which is currently taking place in Melbourne, Australia from 20 to 25 July 2014. The organization is presenting at the conference its experience of conducting a mobile advocacy campaign in Kyrgyzstan entitled "Equality Caravan". You can always find information about it here: Global Village, Booth 655. Also, activists of the LGBTIQA organization "Labrys" are participating in panel discussions organized by COC-Netherlands and the Canadian HIV Alliance.

With greetings from winter Australia!

For information: The «Equality Caravan» campaign was conducted in Kyrgyzstan twice by the LGBTIQA organization «Labrys» around the Issyk Kul Lake – first time in August 2011 and then in August 2013. Preparation of both and the Caravans themselves were open to grass roots activists from stigmatized communities, such as – women's feminist communities, LGBTIQ (lesbians, gay, bisexual, transgender intersex and queer people), people living with HIV, sex workers, people with disabilities, injecting drug users, former women prisoners and others.

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