LGBTIQ activists from Central Asia took part in the OSCE/HDIM 2014 meeting


Central Asian LGBTIQ activists participated at the OSCE Human Dimension Implementation Meeting 2014 in Warsaw, Poland from 22 to 26 September 2014.

The activists made three statements on the situation of LGBTIQ communities in Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan during the working sessions on Freedom of Assembly, Rule of Law, and Tolerance and Non-discrimination.

They raised awareness of the OSCE participating member states and other interested groups about the unconstitutional and discriminatory draft laws in the making in Kyrgyzstan, which prohibit "propaganda of non-traditional sexual relations", in sharp similarity with the law passed in the Russian Federation last year.

The activists also participated in the side-event on "Violence and Hate Crimes against LGBT" organized by the COC-Netherlands with EU endorsement. Kyrgyz LGBTIQ activists talked about specific violence and discrimination against gay and bisexual men perpetrated by the police, as well as domestic violence against lesbian and bisexual women. They also stressed that physical and sexual violence, as well as discrimination against transgender men and women is particularly widespread in Kyrgyzstan.

The main recommendations to the OSCE participating states were:

1. Condemn unconstitutional legislative initiatives in Kyrgyz Republic that violate the human rights of LGBT people;
2. Introduce comprehensive laws, policies and mechanisms to protect LGBTI from hate crime, violence and discrimination;
3. Condemn and criminalize police violence against LGBTI;
4. Work together with the civil society to systematically monitor cases of hate crimes, including against LGBTI.

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