Stopping “LGBT propaganda” law in Kyrgyzstan


In the next few weeks members of the Kyrgyz Parliament will consider in second hearing a draft law, which is an almost exact replica of the Russian law on "gay propaganda". It has passed first hearing by a vote of 79 in favour to 7 against last October.

The draft law proposes amendments into existing Laws on mass media and on peaceful assemblies, administratively and penally criminalizing any public mention of ‘non-traditional sexual relations’ by any individual or legal entity.  Should it pass, the law will effectively make it illegal to advocate for, provide information about, or organize a peaceful assembly in support of LGBTIQ rights. Even a public act of ‘coming out’ could be considered ‘propaganda’ and result in a prison term for up to a year.

Baktybek Kalmamatov, MP:

"Who are they (LGBTIQ) to be protected? They are damaging me, my children. I loathe them, they should not eat in the same places we eat at, sit where we rest. You do not even know how many of them there are! I heard there were more than 30,000 of them! Statistics shows that Kyrgyzstan is the most comfortable country for them. Let's leave the draft law as it was. In Kyrgyzstan no one is allowed to defend rights and propagate. Government, I call upon you to take measures! If needed - identify them as sick!"

With registration of this draft law in the Kyrgyz Parliament, the level of homophobic violence in Kyrgyzstan has visibly increased, becoming more organized and grouped, perpetrated in places of assembly of LGBTIQ communities. The already existing physical and sexual violence towards LGBTIQ people will increase as well, as the law will give them more tools for manipulation.

Although the chances that the Parliament will strike down the draft law in its second and third hearings are very slim, there is hope that the President of the Kyrgyz Republic, who is the guarantor of the Kyrgyz Constitution, will use his power of veto to stop the draft law. However, in order to go against the Parliament in this issue, President Almazbek Atambayev needs to see that the world community stands together with him and the LGBTIQ communities, whose rights he has a chance to protect for the first time in the country’s history.


1) TAKE PART IN OUR PHOTO FLASHMOB #supportLGBTkg and disseminate information about it among your friends, networks, listservers - find out more about participating in the flashmob at this link;

2) ORGANIZE A PEACEFUL PROTEST in front of the Kyrgyz embassy or representative office in your country - the list of Missions of the Kyrgyz Republic is available here, posters for your protest can be downloaded from here;

- by post:
President of the Kyrgyz Republic
Atambaev Almazbek Sharshenovich
Chuy 205, Bishkek, 720003
Kyrgyz Republic
- by email:,;
- or you can use the virtual reception office of the President.

Instructions on filling in the electronic form:
Line 1 - leave everything as it is (it is written there that your letter is addressed to the President)
Line 2 - your name and surname
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Do not forget to printscreen or take a picture of your letter and upload it on the social media with a hashtag #supportLGBTkg

5) CALL THE OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT OF THE KYRGYZ REPUBLIC by phone: + 996 (312) 62 23 78 and let your opinion about the draft law be known;

- by post:
Parliament of the Kyrgyz Republic
Chuy 205, Bishkek, 720053
Kyrgyz Republic
- by email:,

Do not forget to printscreen or take a picture of your letter and upload it on the social media with a hashtag #supportLGBTkg

7) CALL THE PARLIAMENT OF THE KYRGYZ REPUBLIC by phone: +996 (312) 638 565, +996 (312) 639 125 (press service) and let your opinion about the draft law be known;

8) ADDRESS YOUR GOVERNMENTS WITH A REQUEST to call the leadership of the Kyrgyz Republic not to pass the discriminatory draft law.

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