On 3 April 2015 the office of LGBTIQ organisation “Labrys” was attacked: three bottles with explosives were thrown into the yard of the human rights organisation, two of which caused open fire.

Labrys’ CCTV cameras have recorded two unknown persons, who around 22:30 of April 3rd attacked the office of the organisation. In spite of the open fire, the office building remained untouched by it, ensuring that organisational property was safe. The nature of the attack shows that the attackers were planning arson. This incident is not the first in the history of the organisation - its activists have been subjected to threats of physical violence numerous times, while the office building was thrown stones at.

As representatives of the organisation note, the quantity of threats and attacks against LGBTIQ communities, as well as LGBTIQ human rights defenders, has increased with the registration of the homophobic draft law in the Kyrgyz Parliament, which introduces criminal and administrative liability for “formation of positive attitude to non-traditional forms of sexual relations” .

Syinat Sultanalieva, Labrys activist: “Appearance of legislative initiatives aimed at limitation of human rights always results in the growth of aggression and hatred in the society. The government of Kyrgyzstan, as well as its President, who is the guarantor of Kyrgyz Constitution, must publicly condemn demonstration of any kind of hatred in the society, as well as withdraw all initiatives, which, in one or another way, influence the observance of human rights of different groups of the society”.

Activists of the organisation have decided against initiating an investigation with the law enforcement agencies of the country, as oftentimes, it is the militia itself that has become a source of violence against LGBTIQ-communities . Information about the incident will be provided to UN Special Rapporteur on human rights defenders, as it is possible that UN mechanisms may be able to call the Kyrgyz government to guarantee security for all citizens of Kyrgyzstan regardless of any criteria.


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