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May 17, 2015 in Bishkek, representative of the movement "Kalys" and "Kyrk Choro" illegally broke into the event of the LGBT organization "Labrys", dedicated to the celebration of the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia. The crowd of aggressive men threatened and insulted the activists, one of the participants of the event received injuries. A criminal case under article 234 (hooliganism) of the Criminal Code has been initiated.

Human rights activities started in Bishkek at 14:00. There were about 30 participants in a private cafe.

14:15 It was reported that  Zhenish Moldokmatov (leader of the public movement "Kalys") is somewhere near the cafe, and distributes men on the perimeter of the territory adjacent to the cafe.

14:30 Acrowd of men gathered near the cafe. Those present did nothing - apparently waited for the signal to act.

15:00 The men began to behave aggressively - to knock on the gate, shouting threats over the fence. One of the men jumped onto the railing and showed some ID threatening event participants with punishment - "You will not leave here alive! All you need to burn! We will not let you safely leave this room! "

Everything that was happening was filmed by both sides - LGBT activists and strikers.

At 15:15 the attackers broke the lock on the gate and broke into the cafe. There was a scuffle. One of the girls participating was injured. LGBT activists called the police.
LGBT activists have asked the representatives of "Kalys" and "Kyrk Choro" to leave the territory, saying that their actions violate Kyrgyz legislation. The result was an agreement to continue talks outside the territory of the cafe – on the other side of gates.

The attackers told the activists that they should stop the event, otherwise they will call more people and create a real threat to the security of all participants.

Police arrived to the cafe. Representatives of traffic police came first, followed by the task force and the investigator. Several people have written explanatory notes.
After the investigator left, the inspector ordered to take all participants to the police station. LGBT activists were taken by force to the police station, hands of some activists were twisted, pulled by their hair, and all that despite the fact that the participants were taken away as  witnesses.

"We were crammed into cars as potatoes, and taken to “Pervomaiskoe” police station" - says one of the participants of the interrupted festival.

Participants of the event taken to police department have spent there more than 5 hours - they were not provided with access to water, food, medicines and toilet. All of the activists were questioned and asked to write explanatory notes. Activists have written several applications to punish representatives of “Kalys” and “Kyrk Choro” for breaking the event.

Police tried to make some participants of the event to show the genitals – by doing so they were looking forward to spot transgender people among participants.

During their stay in the police department activists have faced a number of violations by the police - the police officers swore, threatened, and refused to introduce themselves. Law enforcement officials have revealed the attackers explanatory notes of victims - and representatives of “Kalys” and “Kyrk Choro” were trying to copy personal data of activists.

The treatment of police officers towards representatives of social movements "Kalys" and "Kyrk Choro" was different - they were allowed to stand up, move around the police station, eat and drink.

At 1:00 AM May 18, 2015 LGBT activists were released from the police station.

Attackers are currently being prosecuted under article 234 ("hooliganism") of the Criminal Code of the Kyrgyz Republic. LGBT activists intend to appeal to the Prosecutor's Office to review the actions of the police in the framework of legality.

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