About Labrys
About Labrys

Public Association "Labrys" is a group of LGBT people and allies who are not indifferent to the injustice, cruelty and hatred against LGBT people in Central Asia. We have skills and knowledge in areas that affect life conditions and make our Kyrgyzstan more just, humane and inclusive every day.
Labrys' vision

Kyrgyzstan in which people, with different identities, are themselves and live safe, comfortable and dignified lives to the fullest.
What is our mission?

We strive to make life easier for LGBT people in Kyrgyzstan, with opportunities for self-expression and pride.

To improve the quality of life of LGBT+ communities in Kyrgyzstan

and Central Asia.

We achieve our goal by working in the following areas::

1) Supporting LGBT people and their loved ones, through community and professional approaches;
2) Creating conditions for empowering LGBT communities, through informing and holding events;
3) Changing the negative image of LGBT people in society and the media, through working on unfavorable political conditions and practices;
4) Building partnerships and sharing experiences in Kyrgyzstan and Central Asia to strengthen the organization and increase the effectiveness of the work;
5) Improving systems and practices, and maintaining a balance of community and professionalism - for the development and sustainability of the organization.
Labrys programs
We work to support LGBT communities of Kyrgyzstan. We support communities in many different ways.
CMaEP is an acronym for Community Mobilization and Empowerment.
In addition to working with the LGBT community, in all the years of its existence, CMaEP program has achieved results in developing a system of support and social escorting, which is essentially an improvement in access to better medical and social assistance for LGBT people in Kyrgyzstan.
The Advocacy and Education Program (AaEP as you may have heard) aims to raise awareness and sensitivity among decision makers, engage and mobilize LGBT communities and civil society to change the situation in the country with a single goal - improving the lives of LGBT people in Kyrgyzstan and Central Asia.
Partnership and Initiative Development Program (PaIDP).
PaIDP is a program that aims to support, develop and strengthen initiative groups in Central Asia. It provides resource support to initiative groups and organizations by advising, sharing experience and building long-term collaboration with national and international partners.
Our art projects