Community Mobilization and Empowerment
If you have ever accidentally heard the words "CMaEP" or "Mius" as we pronounce it in Russian from the workers of our CTC (Community Training Center), then do not worry - this is not a Harry Potter spell, you have not been cursed and this is not French.

CMaEP is an acronym for Community Mobilization and Empowerment.
There are several directions highlighted in CMaEP:
Mobilizing LGBT Communities to create conditions and opportunities for LGBT people to learn new, useful things, using existing safe spaces.
The goal of the LGBT Empowerment is to provide opportunities for LGBT people to develop necessary knowledge and skills, which can then be directed towards volunteering, engaging in advocacy, civic, social, political and activist activities/events.
In addition to working with the LGBT community, in all the years of its existence, CMaEP program has achieved results in developing a system of support and social escorting, which is essentially an improvement in access to better medical and social assistance for LGBT people in Kyrgyzstan.
By providing support, we mean helping LGBT people to receive basic services which normally should be provided by the state: legal, medical and social services, psychological counseling provided by our friendly specialists; peer-to-peer consultations (when a LGBT person is consulted by a LGBT person) and support groups, where LGBT people can speak out, raise questions, discuss issues without judgement or discrimination and support each other.
CMaEP is not just about trainings, support groups, and events where we get to know each other and learn something new. All of the program's activities are aimed at supporting LGBT people and helping to build their potential and develop their capabilities. The staff of CMaEP strives to give all those who come to the CTC support, strength, and inspiration so that in the future, we all work together as one voice in solidarity to improve the lives of LGBT people not only in Kyrgyzstan but throughout Central Asia.