The walking route in memory of LGBT people "Mountain of Grief" is the result of cooperation between the civil society sector and the art sphere: Diana Arsenyeva from the LGBT organization "Labrys" and Maxim Finogeyev, an artist from Ukraine. The art project compares natural uplands near Bishkek with the level of violence and intolerance in the country, as numerous places of massacres of LGBT people are hidden in the mountains of Kyrgyzstan. The visitor gradually discovers the experience of the heroes while immersing himself in the landscape of the area. The walk is complemented by audio recordings in the form of an epic, which tells about the emotional side of deprivation of human rights and freedoms in modern society.

You can take the route
physically with the help of the audioguide or online on this website.

Online route "Mountain of Grief"

1. Introduction

2. The East

3. The South

4. The West

5. The North

6. The Center

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The project was implemented with the assistance of the Georgian platform "ARTIF", also wit the support of Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice and with the participation of Kyrgyz LGBT people and allies, whose names cannot be named because of the risk of persecution within the country.
Community platform with human rights and advocacy tools, driven by different generations of activists to protect the rights and freedoms of LGBT communities in Kyrgyzstan and Central Asia.
LGBT organization "Labrys"
Maxim Finogeev
Platform for collaboration between artists and human rights defenders who seek to create an equal society and tell a broad audience that human rights are about each one of us. The platform was created by the NGO Truth Hounds
Artist from Ukraine, who in his works is interested in the practices of interaction with the audience, the functioning of art in the public space and the intersection with other areas, like tourism, public sector, psychology.
Coordinator of the art project in the LGBT organization "Labrys", who has experience in organizing advocacy activities on the intersection of art and human rights.
Diana Arseneva