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We work to support LGBT communities of Kyrgyzstan. We support communities in many different ways.
CM&EP is an acronym for Community Mobilization and Empowerment.
In addition to working with the LGBT community, in all the years of its existence, CM&EP program has achieved results in developing a system of support and social escorting, which is essentially an improvement in access to better medical and social assistance for LGBT people in Kyrgyzstan.
The Advocacy and Education Program (A&EP as you may have heard) aims to raise awareness and sensitivity among decision makers, engage and mobilize LGBT communities and civil society to change the situation in the country with a single goal - improving the lives of LGBT people in Kyrgyzstan and Central Asia.
Partnership and Initiative Development Program (P&IDP).
P&IDP is a program that aims to support, develop and strengthen initiative groups in Central Asia. It provides resource support to initiative groups and organizations by advising, sharing experience and building long-term collaboration with national and international partners.

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    "Labrys" provides free psychological, legal and medical consultations. In a chat with our activists you will be able to sign up for a consultation, ask questions, ask for help or learn more.
    Calendar of events
    April 26
    International Lesbian Visibility Day
    April 27
    International Day of Silence
    May 17
    International Day against homophobia / biphobia / transphobia (IDAHOBIT)
    May 19
    Agender Pride Day